Inverness Welding Contractor, Metal Fabricator and Iron Work
Inverness Welding Contractor, Metal Fabricator and Iron Work
Inverness Welding Contractor, Metal Fabricator and Iron Work

Doug Davis Enterprises Inc

Located in Brooksville serving all of Florida

Specializing in Welding Contractor, Metal Fabricator and Iron Work

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Custom Metal Fabrication, Ornamental Metal Construction, and Ironwork in Inverness

Doug Davis Enterprises Inc is a first-class metal fabricator serving Inverness and the surrounding areas. We specialize in creating custom metal products that combine aesthetics and functionality. We put our heart, soul, and intellect into every weld. It’s this attention to quality and eye for detail that has made Doug Davis Enterprises Inc one of the leading metal and ironworks fabricators in Inverness.

Ironworks Since 1924

Doug Davis Enterprises Inc has its roots deep in the Inverness metal fabrication industry. Founded in 1924, Scarborough Land Roller and Machine Co. focused on providing the region with welding services, machining, and custom ironworks. With an established reputation of excellence, Scarborough Land Roller and Machine Co. was an institution and an example in the industry for over 85 years.

Taking the knowledge and experience garnered over nearly a century of hard work and dedication, founder Doug Davis created Doug Davis Enterprises Inc in 2012. His passion goes into every custom object that leaves the shop. There is no company in the region with deeper roots and a greater commitment to quality than Doug Davis Enterprises Inc.

What We Can Do For You

We provide a range of metal fabrication and ironworks construction services to businesses and private individuals in Inverness. So if you’re a contractor looking for a custom iron fence, gate, or railing get in touch! We also build staircases, porches, ramps, doors, and more. Examples of our work can be found across the region. We can create ultra-utilitarian or intricate ornamental products. We can give your final product a polished or rough finish. We can do projects big and small.

Many contractors contact us for more than just specific pieces for their clients. They also contact us for custom attachments and modifications for their equipment. Building custom construction equipment is one way we’ve established ourselves as a leading metal fabricator. Every day, Inverness contractors depend on our work to make their businesses succeed. Perhaps above all else, we appreciate lifelong relationships we’ve built with contractors from around the region.

Perhaps you’re looking for an ornamental metal piece for the inside of your home? An artistic wall hanging? Or perhaps an intricate custom candle holder? Bring in your designs for custom pieces and we can do it for you. The possibilities are pretty much endless when it comes to the decorative arts!

Client Satisfaction Guaranteed

It helps that we try to keep our costs low. We know it’s expensive running a business, so it’s important for us to offer economical alternatives for metal fabrication and ironwork. Keeping costs low is one way that we try to guarantee customer satisfaction with the end result.

More importantly, we guarantee all the work we do. If you’re not satisfied with some aspect of our work, simply get in touch with us and we’ll fix it. It’s the only way we know how to do business. Every job we do comes with a guarantee of honesty, integrity, and quality workmanship.

Contact us today for your next metal fabrication, ironwork, or custom decorative metal project!