Brooksville Welding Contractor, Metal Fabricator and Iron Work
Brooksville Welding Contractor, Metal Fabricator and Iron Work
Brooksville Welding Contractor, Metal Fabricator and Iron Work

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Custom Hand Rails and Fence Fabrication in Brooksville

Specializing in custom railings and fences, Doug Davis Enterprises Inc has been providing expertly designed and fabricated metal products for many years. Contractors love our quick turnaround time, our low costs, and our unsurpassed workmanship. Every bend, every joint, every cut, and every weld carries the full weight of our commitment to quality. So when it comes to custom fences and railings in Brooksville, there’s no alternative!

Every member of our team has extensive certification, training, and on the job experience. They love the challenge of building a fence or gate that is both beautiful and functional. It’s this passion that has guided us in the past and will continue to guide us for years to come.


For many business owners and homeowners, gates are the first things people see when they approach their property. Because the gate will leave a deep impression on every guest, it’s important to take the style of gate into consideration. This is equally true for pedestrian gates as it is for large automated vehicle-access gates. Do you want to create a feeling of welcome and open invitation? Or do you want to be the master of your domain, giving access only to the select, lucky few? Will the gate be automated, or do you want a manual latch system? Do you want a purely functional, minimalist gate or an intricate design that’s designed to impress?

At Doug Davis Enterprises Inc, we can design gates for just about any taste. Contact us to find out more!


Having a good fence around your property is the only way to keep out unwanted guests. But that’s only one side of it. It’s also a way to decorate your property, to give your property an atmosphere or mood. This is especially true for your backyard, where you’ll end up looking at your fence every time you are relaxing outdoors. Choosing the right kind of fence, the right kind of metal and the right design will go a long way to giving you the property you’ve always wanted.

The same goes if you’re a business owner and need a fence for your commercial property. How do you want to be perceived by your customers or the public? Doug Davis Enterprises Inc is here to help you every step of the way so that you end up with the kind of fence that suits your business.

Hand Rails

Whether you’re building a wheelchair ramp or need a railing for an outdoor staircase, you need a metal fabricator you can trust. The railing has to be well-designed and built to last. Some clients prefer pure functionality, while others choose more decorative versions. We offer both and can design them custom. Doug Davis Enterprises Inc can help you get the railings that will suit your residential or commercial needs.

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When it comes to metal railings, gates, and fences, there’s no substitute for an expert fabricator. Contact us today to find out more information. We’re looking forward to working with you.